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Juan Diego: Episode One

Juan Diego: Episode One


Juan Diego: Episode One

🗺️ Juan Diego - Episode One: A God Who Bleeds for His Children

Spanish America, 1531. The city of Tenochtitlán. The mighty Aztec Empire has fallen. Spanish conquistadors rule. Atop the Pyramid of the Sun, where human sacrifice once reigned, a new and holy sacrifice purifies the land. But down below, three humble peasant farmers face an uncertain future in a land no longer their own.

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Age 7+
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Juan Diego and his family encounter a missionary who introduces them to Christian teachings. The episode is rich in themes of faith, family bonds, and generosity. The missionary's introduction of Christian beliefs offers a new perspective on God as a loving Father rather than a demanding deity.

Some elements of intensity include tension with Spanish soldiers, creating a sense of danger. There is verbal reference to ritual sacrifice that was occurring on the pagan temple, though there is no depiction of it. Characters speak about how the Spanish priests have washed blood from the temple steps. These are shown to be positive, as the Christian religion evangelizes the culture.


Juan Diego: Episode One
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