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Juan Diego: Episode Two

Juan Diego: Episode Two


Juan Diego: Episode Two

🗺️ Juan Diego - Episode Two: A Hike Through Tepeyac

One year since Juan Diego and Juan Bernardino became Christian, their people resent their conversion. Now the two men fear attack from their pagan neighbors. But on his way to Mass one morning, Juan Diego encounters someone who will change his life - and the New World - forever.

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Age 7+
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Juan Diego's spiritual journey takes center stage in this episode, marked by his awe-inspiring encounter with the Virgin Mary. His deep faith, humility, and obedience to divine will are beautifully portrayed, offering listeners a compelling example of unwavering devotion.

Some elements of intensity include Juan Diego's avoiding two people who want to attack Christians. He meets skeptical soldiers, adding layers of tension and urgency. These moments serve to test his faith and courage, making the episode a gripping exploration of the challenges that often accompany profound spiritual experiences.


Juan Diego: Episode Two
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