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Juan Diego: Episode Three

Juan Diego: Episode Three


Juan Diego: Episode Three

🗺️ Juan Diego - Episode Three: At the Bishop’s House

The Blessed Virgin Mary has given Juan Diego a mission: ask the bishop to build a shrine for her on Tepeyac Hill. But can the shy and humble Juan Diego get past the bullies and bureaucrats blocking his way?  And will the bishop even believe him?

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Age 7+
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Themes of faith and devotion are evident as Juan Diego seeks to deliver a message from the Virgin Mary. Juan Diego's humility and obedience are highlighted, serving as a model of Christian virtues. The episode emphasizes the importance of listening to divine messages and taking them seriously, as seen through Bishop Zumárraga's interactions with Juan Diego.

There are moments of tension and dismissiveness towards Juan Diego, particularly from soldiers and officials who belittle him. The episode contains a scene where Juan Diego learns that his uncle has been shot by an arrow, adding an element of physical danger and urgency. However, this sets up a miraculous moment in episode four.


Juan Diego: Episode Three
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