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Juan Diego: Episode Four

Juan Diego: Episode Four


Juan Diego: Episode Four

🗺️ Juan Diego - Episode Four: Fever!

Juan Diego arrives home to terrible news: his uncle, shot by an arrow, lies dying in pain. Now, it’s a race against time to save Juan Bernardino’s life! But how long can Juan Diego ignore Our Lady's requests?

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Age 7+
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Juan Diego seeks to fulfill the request of Our Lady, showing deep faith. Juan Diego's humility and obedience are highlighted as he insists on showing the mysterious gift only to the Bishop.
Acts of kindness and friendship are portrayed, especially in Juan Diego's interaction with the Friendly Soldier. The episode emphasizes the power of prayer and divine intervention, as Our Lady assures Juan Diego that his uncle has been healed.

Juan Diego's uncle, Juan Bernardino, is in a critical condition due to an arrow wound, adding elements of physical danger and emotional intensity. There are confrontational moments with authority figures like Don Mayorga and Don Barriga, who are dismissive and somewhat hostile towards Juan Diego. The episode contains moments of tension and urgency, particularly when Juan Diego is rushing to get a priest for his ailing uncle.


Juan Diego: Episode Four
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