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Juan Diego: Episode Five

Juan Diego: Episode Five


Juan Diego: Episode Five

🗺️ Juan Diego - Episode Five: La Casita de Tepeyac

Juan Diego returns to the bishop with a miraculous sign. But the bishop’s gatekeepers block his path. Now Juan Diego must use his wits to get inside, see the bishop, and complete his mission! The future of the New World rests on the shoulders of this one man…

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Age 7+
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Themes of faith and miracles are strongly emphasized. Juan Diego's obedience and humility are highlighted. The episode fosters a sense of community and unity under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Bishop Zumárraga's change of heart shows the transformative power of faith.

There are some tense moments as Juan Diego is pursued by Don Barriga and Don Mayorga. Juan Diego's uncle is mentioned to have been ambushed and shot by an arrow, although he is healed. There's a sense of urgency and stress, especially when Juan Diego is trying to reach the Bishop.


Juan Diego: Episode Five
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