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Patrick of Ireland: Episode Four

Patrick of Ireland: Episode Four


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Four

馃椇锔廝atrick of Ireland - Episode Four: Abundance Everywhere

Having been told to escape in a dream, Patrick is determined to find passage back home to Britannia. But without any money and marked as a slave by a neck shackle, how will Patrick get back home before Tadhg discovers his escape and exacts revenge?

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Age 7+
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Themes of Providence and relating to God as our Father are reinforced. Learning to trust in God鈥檚 love and care are emphasized, even in difficult situations. Patrick is seen evangelizing Irish trading merchants and teaching them to pray.

Some elements of intensity include a shipwreck on the ocean, along with an Irish merchant dismissing Patrick鈥檚 faith in God (learning his lesson shortly afterwards).


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Four
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