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Patrick of Ireland: Episode Five

Patrick of Ireland: Episode Five


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Five

馃椇锔廝atrick of Ireland - Episode Five: Voice of the Irish

429 AD, Britannia. It is twenty one years after Patrick has escaped and returned home. He has become a priest, dedicating his life to God and ministering to the Christian Britons after Rome withdrew its military presence from Britannia. But even twenty one years later, memories of the pagan people left behind call to Patrick from out of the past, pleading for his help.

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Age 7+
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This episode focuses on themes of family, vocation, and serving God. An angelic visitor visits Patrick in a dream, calling him back to Ireland. Because it is risky to return and evangelize the Pagan Irish, it leads to conflict with Patrick鈥檚 family, who is scared that he is going back to Ireland and endangering his life.

Some moments of intense argument with his family. There are touching moments between Patrick and his sister Darerca, who encourages Patrick to risk everything on God and follow where he thinks God is calling him, even if it means leaving his family and safety for the salvation of souls. Positive and affirming portrayal of father and son relationship.


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Five
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