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Joan of Arc: Episode One

Joan of Arc: Episode One


Joan of Arc: Episode One

🗺️ Joan of Arc - Episode One: Daughter of God

The Hundred Years War, France. 1424 AD. England and France have waged war for 87 years. France is dying. Everyday, the English press further and further into France, claiming it for their own. In the unremarkable French village of Domremy, a peasant girl is picking flowers and singing innocently in the spring sunshine. This girl is the savior of France. Joan of Arc.

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Age 7+
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Joan is a pious, sweet French girl who loves Our Lady, Mary. She is seen praying, gardening, and talking about God. 

There is talk of war, but nothing intense is mentioned or implied. Mild insults are tossed about in the crowd.

This episode is rated “Everyone” but other episodes in this series are rated “7+.” You may not want to begin this series if your child is very sensitive to depictions of war or dramatic arguments between Joan and the French generals which occur in later episodes.


Joan of Arc: Episode One
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