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Joan of Arc: Episode Two

Joan of Arc: Episode Two


Joan of Arc: Episode Two

🗺️ Joan of Arc - Episode Two: The Girl

France, 1429 AD. Five years have passed. France is still losing. Slowly. The Dauphin is hiding in Chinon. What is left of the French army cowers in Orleans, besieged by the English. When Orleans falls, so will France. Joan, the peasant girl who has never rode a horse before, receives messages from divine messengers, telling her of a great mission God is entrusting to her. Will she believe her divine voices when they ask her to leave home? Never to return again?

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Age 7+
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Joan is seen speaking with saints who encourage her to follow God’s will. She is afraid but is encouraged to have faith in God’s Providence guiding her.

Some elements of intensity include her father shouting at her, disbelieving her dreams, and ordering her to stay home. Faithful to the historical record, Joan is depicted following the saint’s commands and does not obey her father’s yelling.


Joan of Arc: Episode Two
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