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Josephine Bakhita: Episode Five

Josephine Bakhita: Episode Five


Josephine Bakhita: Episode Five

🗺️  Josephine Bakhita - Episode Five: The Fortunate One

Bakhita’s faith has grown in her months with the Canossian Sisters. She’s learned to pray, and has even begun the difficult task of forgiving her tormentors. But when she refuses Maria’s demand that she return to Africa, her faith is put to the test, and she faces the greatest trial of her life.

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Bakhita demonstrates commitment to God’s will, even when her friend goes against it. 37 years later, the now-Mother Bakhita has fully forgiven her former captors, exemplifying Christian charity and peace. Going beyond herself, she teaches Sister Lucia to forgive Mother Dolorosa as well.

Some moments of intensity, including discussions of slavery.  Moments of emotional intensity and raised voices between former friends. 


Josephine Bakhita: Episode Five
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