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Saint Valentine: Episode One

Saint Valentine: Episode One


Saint Valentine: Episode One

🗺️ Saint Valentine - Episode One: Trouble in Turni

Central Italy, 257 A.D. Under a new Roman governor, the Christians of Terni face arrest and persecution for practicing their faith, and two young newlyweds are arrested for preaching in the streets. Now, what can their local bishop and friend do to save them from certain death? This is the story of St. Valentine.

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Valentine cares for the spiritual and physical health of his entire flock. He exhibits courage and ingenuity in visiting Daria in prison. Chrysanthus and Daria are steadfast in their love for each other and Christ in spite of persecution and imprisonment.  

This episode contains moments of intensity and fear. Christians are jailed for their faith. A character speaks disparagingly about the faith and about a blind character. Torture and scourging are referenced.


Saint Valentine: Episode One
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