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Saint Valentine: Episode Two

Saint Valentine: Episode Two


Saint Valentine: Episode Two

🗺️ Saint Valentine - Episode Two: A More Perfect Crown

Desperate to free Chrysanthus and Daria, Valentine and Eusebius offer the governor gold in exchange for their release. Placidus accepts, but at an enormous price, and Valentine must now raise it from his humble congregation. The young couple’s lives depend on it!

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Age 7+
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Valentine demonstrates prudence in his plan to free Chrysanthus and Daria. He also exercises Christian charity in caring for Julia’s blindness. Austerius chooses to help Chrysanthus and Daria, even if it means compromising his office.

This episode contains raised voices and moments of intensity and suspense. Contains mentions of torture. A character dies in-scene after having been previously tortured.


Saint Valentine: Episode Two
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