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Saint Valentine: Episode Three

Saint Valentine: Episode Three


Saint Valentine: Episode Three

🗺️ Saint Valentine - Episode Three: Heaven’s New Saint

The Christians of Terni gather in the catacombs to bid farewell to the martyred Chrysanthus. Bishop Valentine celebrates the funeral Mass. But the governor is angered at this public display of faith, and places his cruel attention on the widowed Daria.

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Age 7+
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Daria remains steadfast in her faith, even after Chrysanthus’ death. Valentine counsels his congregation not to act rashly. He also continues to evangelize Austerius and Julia, who slowly draw nearer to the faith.

This episode contains scenes of emotional intensity and raised voices. A character’s death is mentioned. A funeral is portrayed. A character makes advances on Daria, who slaps him.


Saint Valentine: Episode Three
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