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Saint Valentine: Episode Four

Saint Valentine: Episode Four


Saint Valentine: Episode Four

🗺️ Saint Valentine - Episode Four: Reunited in Heaven

Rumors abound in Terni. Will Daria be put to death by the wicked Governor Placidus? Valentine watches the unfolding events, and visits Austerius to plead with him to help free Daria. And Placidus presents her with one last chance to save her life.

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Age 7+
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Valentine strives to free Daria from Placidus’ clutches. Austerius begins to waver in his support of the Roman regime. Knowing that her death is imminent, Daria shows courage, prepared to be united with Christ and Chysanthus in Heaven.

This episode includes moments of intensity and raised voices. A character speaks mockingly of the faith. A character’s death by burial is referenced. A scourging is referenced. A Character is sentenced to death.


Saint Valentine: Episode Four
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