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Saint Valentine: Episode Five

Saint Valentine: Episode Five


Saint Valentine: Episode Five

🗺️ Saint Valentine - Episode Five: With Eyes to See

Valentine and Eusebius request the body of Daria for its proper burial in the catacombs. But Placidus insists that she must remain among the criminals. Valentine and Eusebius take matters into their own hands. What happens next will make Bishop Valentine an enduring example of the true meaning of love.

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Age 7+
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Valentine chooses to take responsibility for the actions of his congregation, taking on Placidus’ ire. He remains patient in the face of his coming death. Austerius makes a difficult decision, but follows the truth instead of worldly authority.

This episode contains moments of intensity and raised voices. A character’s Death and burial are mentioned. A character is scourged. Valentine is threatened with violence. A character is sentenced to death.


Saint Valentine: Episode Five
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