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Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Four

Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Four


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Four

🗺️ Damien of Moloka’i - Episode Four: Moloka’i

A deadly disease spreads among the people of Hawai’i. There is no cure, so the infected are banished to a remote island and left to die. Father Damien arrives to help. But what fate awaits him on Moloka’i, “the island of the living dead”?

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In the harsh conditions of Moloka’i, Damien immediately begins ministering to the lepers. Facing insults and disbelief, Damien is an example of patience and love, caring for a suffering people in a dark time.

This episode includes several discussions of death by leprosy and despair. Symptoms of leprosy are discussed. A despairing character laughs at a blessing. A character dies of leprosy.


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Four
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