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Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Five

Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Five


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Five

🗺️ Damien of Moloka’i - Episode Five: We Lepers

On Moloka’i, “the island of the living dead”, Father Damien finds a ruined church and a scornful, suffering people. Shallow graves fill daily, and Father Damien must decide what to do when leprosy strikes close to home.  In daily danger of contracting the disease, will Damien abandon hope? Or will he rise to the challenge, bringing faith, hope and love, to the people of Moloka’i?

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Now established within the community, Damien is an example of love and sacrifice, giving himself wholeheartedly to the lepers of Moloka’i. When leprosy strikes those closest to him, Damien does not change his course, giving patiently and lovingly to the end.

This episode contains scenes of emotional intensity. A death and burial are referenced. Symptoms of leprosy are described.


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Five
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