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Joan of Arc: Episode Four

Joan of Arc: Episode Four


Joan of Arc: Episode Four

🗺️ Joan of Arc - Episode Four: The Maid

A creaky inn yards from the dauphin’s palace. Joan is here, waiting. The dauphin’s advisors are slow to let anyone near the prince. Everyone is a threat, even this strange young girl who says she hears voices from God. They interrogate Joan for weeks while the siege of Orleans continues. Will Joan reach Orleans before it’s too late?

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Age 7+
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Themes of conversion, faith, and holiness are emphasized. Joan orders all the soldiers to go to confession before battle. There is conversation around sins and confession. Joan speaks with Saints, who help her. She displays unwavering faith in God’s Providence, in the midst of war.

Some elements of intensity include scenes from a camp of soldiers. The General resists Joan’s plan and tries to undermine her. A Bishop and Court Advisor plan a trap to catch Joan, who they believe to be a liar. When Joan does not fall for the trap, the Bishop accuses her of witchcraft.


Joan of Arc: Episode Four
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