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Joan of Arc: Episode Five

Joan of Arc: Episode Five


Joan of Arc: Episode Five

🗺️ Joan of Arc - Episode Five: The Siege of Orleans

1429 AD: The Siege of Orleans. The final battle that determines France’s fate. Either they push the English back or they will be crushed by the besieging enemy. But Joan’s generals conspire behind her and the French soldiers, used to defeat, show no signs of victory. Joan of Arc, young maid of Domremy, is on the battlefield at last.

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Age 7+
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Joan prays for the souls of all the soldiers in the battle. She bravely commands the soldiers to pray to God for grace. Joan cries out for help to Saint Michael, who answers her prayer. Themes of faith and perseverance are emphasized.

Some elements of intensity include scenes from the middle of a battle. Joan being physically injured by an arrow and crying out in pain. There are sound effects of physical impacts and shouting from the midst of battle.


Joan of Arc: Episode Five
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