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Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode One

Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode One


Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode One

🗺️ Pier Giorgio Frassati - Episode One: And Now We Run

1922. A new technology - radio - fills the airwaves with jazz and news from across the world. In Italy, the fascist leader Benito Mussolini promises a new era of greatness. But in the wealthy northern city of Turin, at the foot of the Piedmont mountains, a handsome young man blessed with everything struggles to hear God's voice in the midst of the noise. This is the story of Pier Giorgio Frassati.

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Pier Giorgio Frassati is shown encouraging his friends to practice their Catholic faith, inviting them to Mass and to pray in Church. His faith is expressed joyfully, including instances of him serving the poor. Pier Giorgio discusses his vocation and future with Marco.

Pier Giorgio Frassati’s friend Marco is dismissive of his prayer life, teasing him about it. There is tension between Pier Giorgio and his father Alfredo about Pier Giorgio’s future.


Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode One
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